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A-Levels (Full-Time)
Full-time 3 4th Sept 2024 2 Years

Our A-Level students have progressed on to a variety of Russell Group Universities, full-time employment and higher-level apprenticeships. We also have experience of preparing students for Oxbridge applications.

Art & Design A-Level
Full-time 3 1st Sept 2024 2 Years

Art & Design at A-Level provides students with the opportunity to learn and develop a range of skills in relation to drawing, painting, sculpture and mixed media. This is taught initially through a six-week induction period at the beginning of the first year, and then through personal responses to unit themes and externally set assignments provided by the exam board.

Biology A-Level
Full-time 3 1st Sept 2024 2 Years

Biology can be described as the science of life. It includes the study of living organisms including Humans, Animals and Plants. It is a broad subject, covering a wide variety of topics, ranging from understanding sub-atomic particles such as electrons, through to ecology and conservation biology. There is something of interest to everyone with many links between topics and different subjects.

Business A-Level
Full-time 3 1st Sept 2024 2 Years

A-Level Business will demonstrate the interrelated nature of Business using different business models, theories and techniques to support analysis of the modern business environment, issues and situations that impact on business.

Chemistry A-Level
Full-time 3 1st Sept 2024 2 Years

Chemists investigate the properties and reactions of different substances so they can create new substances. Chemistry is the creation of new things. The course covers inorganic, organic and physical chemistry in order to give students. The subject knowledge develops on existing concepts from KS4 and brings a breadth of knowledge across the subject to give an excellent grounding in chemistry.

Computer Science A-Level
Full-time 3 1st Sept 2024 2 Years

Computer Science is about understanding computer systems and networks at a deep level.Computer Science aspects of theory and experimentation are drawn from Maths and Science respectively, and it is an excellent supplementary A-Level for a range of subjects.

Criminology (Combined Programme)
Full-time 3 4th Sept 2024 1 Year

This qualification can only be studied alongside A-Levels.

The course is designed to support learners progressing to university. It has been designed to offer exciting and engaging experiences that focus learning through applied learning, i.e., acquiring knowledge and understanding in purposeful contexts linked to the criminal justice system.

Economics A-Level
Full-time 3 1st Sept 2024 2 Years

A-Level Economics will give you the opportunity to examine a range of topics such as economic performance, market failure, income distribution and understanding the UK and global economy.

English Language A-Level
Full-time 3 1st Sept 2024 2 Years

Studying A-Level English Language allows you to become a skilled communicator and opens the door to a range of diverse careers. By studying a range of texts and theory you will learn about the link between language and social factors such as gender, age and occupation and language and power in society.

English Literature A-Level
Full-time 3 1st Sept 2024 2 Years

English Literature offers students the opportunity to critically discuss and analyse some of the most important literary works throughout history. The course provides scope to investigate the way literature has been shaped by elements of theory, context and criticism, including Feminism, Marxism and Post-colonialism.

Environmental Science A-Level
Full-time 3 1st Sept 2024 2 Years

Studying Environmental Science will give you a clear understanding of how closely our human systems are linked with Earth's natural cycles. You will use this knowledge to come up with ways of developing sustainable lifestyles that are in harmony with the natural world. If we want to live happily on the Earth, we need to change the way we do things!

Further Maths A-Level
Full-time 3 1st Sept 2024 2 Years

Further Maths is an intense course designed to challenge outstanding Mathematicians and gives students wishing to progress to studying Maths, Physics, Statistics or Engineering at degree level a definite advantage.

Geography A-Level
Full-time 3 1st Sept 2024 2 Years

Geography is the study of places, processes and people. Cities, volcanoes, immigration and glaciers - Geography covers it all. Given the unprecedented changes the planet and its population are undergoing, there has never been a better time to study this dynamic subject.

History A-Level
Full-time 3 1st Sept 2024 2 Years

History is quite simply the study of the past. There is, of course, rather a lot of past to discover and learn about as the past itself is infinitely complicated. Even looking at a period which on the face of it seems simple, can yield surprises. "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." - Santayana.

Law A-Level
Full-time 3 1st Sept 2024 2 Years

A-Level Law is an inspiring and academically demanding course. In addition to learning challenging substantive law, many students enjoy the practical application of the subject, which develops their problem-solving skills and encourages a critical evaluation of material encountered in their everyday lives.

Mathematics A-Level
Full-time 3 1st Sept 2024 2 Years

This course provides a thorough grounding in the mathematical tools and techniques often needed in the workplace. The logic and reasoning skills developed by studying A-Level Maths make sure the qualification is widely respected even in non-mathematical arenas.

Music A-Level
Full-time 3 1st Sept 2024 2 Years

If you have a keen interest in music or are looking to pursue a career in music, A Level Music teaches students to develop performance and composition skills and to further develop knowledge of a variety of music including classical, film, jazz and popular music. The course is designed to extend the skills of performing, composing and listening. Throughout the course students also develop skills in the handling of music technology.

Philosophy A-Level
Full-time 3 1st Sept 2024 2 Years

Philosophy is the study of knowledge. A-Level Philosophy is an introduction to philosophical thinking and the subject matter of philosophy. It is designed to give you a thorough grounding in the fundamental concepts and methods of philosophy and introduce you to the fascinating study of thought itself.

Physics A-Level
Full-time 3 1st Sept 2024 2 Years

Physics is a fascinating subject that seeks to explain the universe in the simplest possible terms. As such, it touches on every aspect of the world around us, from electrons to galactic superclusters. It appeals to students with a persistent curiosity about the physical world around them and is much more satisfying than GCSE as it provides deeper answers.

Politics A-Level
Full-time 3 1st Sept 2024 2 Years

A-Level Politics will appeal to those who are interested in current affairs and who like to express and discuss opinions on political ideas and power. You will learn about the political systems of the UK and USA, gaining skills in how to analyse, evaluate and compare the concepts and structures that underpin these systems.

Psychology A-Level
Full-time 3 1st Sept 2024 2 Years

Psychology is a complex and academic subject which studies how the mind works and how it affects human behaviour, mental processes, human interactions and the unconscious mind. Why do people think, act and feel the way they do?

Sociology A-Level
Full-time 3 1st Sept 2024 2 Years

A-Level Sociology develops knowledge and understanding of how contemporary society works. To understand this, you will look at aspects of society from different points of view and develop an awareness of how society evolves. Sociology encourages independent thinking and fosters a lifelong interest in social issues.

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