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Here at Kendal College, we have a culture of high expectations, creating an environment in which A-Level learners can thrive.

Our teachers work with our students in a mature learning environment to coach, support and challenge them to meet the ambitious targets they will be set.

We are very proud of the learning culture at the College and visitors often comment on the positive atmosphere, which is fostered by excellent relationships between students and staff. Our learners receive first grade academic and pastoral support so when challenges arise they stay on target.

A-Level or ‘Advanced Level’ is one of the next grades of qualification after GCSE level and is typically studied over two years. Throughout the UK, A-Levels are highly recognised by Universities and Colleges when assessing a student’s eligibility for degree-level study.

A-Level students typically choose three subjects and those with very high entry qualifications may apply to study four. An Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) may be undertaken as part of your A-Level studies to help showcase your academic skills for university applications.

An A-Level can also be combined with a Level 3 Professional & Technical course, e.g. Engineering with A-Level Maths (equivalent to four A-Levels). Our students have progressed on to a variety of Russell Group Universities, full-time employment and higher-level apprenticeships.

We also have experience preparing students for Oxbridge applications. Recent A-Level students have gone on to study Law at Lancaster University, Physics at Leeds University, Teacher Training at the University of Cumbria and Chemical Engineering at Manchester University.

If you would like to study a full-time programme of A-levels, please complete a full-time application form.

We offer A-Levels in:

  • Accounting
  • Art & Design
  • Biology
  • Business
  • Chemistry
  • Computing
  • Economics
  • English Language
  • English Literature
  • French
  • Further Maths
    • Geography
    • History
    • Law
    • Mathematics
    • Music
    • Philosophy
    • Photography
    • Physics
    • Politics
    • Psychology
    • Sociology

    Additional Options

    • Level 3 'Core' Maths (particularly useful if you wish to study a degree programme with mathematical elements eg Science, Economics, Psychology, business etc)
    • Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) which enhances any university application

    Key Facts

    • Full-time (3-5 days) studied over two years
    • Up to four A-Level subjects can be studied as a cluster, or one A-Level could be combined with a Professional & Technical course
    • Academic and pastoral support to reach your full potential
    • Level 3 qualifications
    • Progression to university, apprenticeships or employment

    Meet your tutor

    After graduating with a degree in Economics, Sinéad Kay trained with PwC, and is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales. Sinéad has 12 years of experience working in the finance industry in both the UK (for PriceWaterhouseCoopers) and New Zealand (with Ernst & Young).

    I am interested in the practical application of business theory. I enjoy keeping up to date with business news, politics and current affairs. Working in the finance industry gave me a chance to work with lots of global brands including Ford, Jaguar, Gap Clothing, Manchester United and Ferrero Rocher.

    Meet your tutor

    Before becoming a lecturer, Steve Richardson worked for 18 years in industry firstly as a Government Scientist measuring air pollution, and later as a Consultant and Manager. He became an advisor to the UK Government and European Commission, helping to write the technical parts of the EU and environmental protection directives.

    I teach the science components of multiple different courses, including A-Levels, Access to HE and BTEC. I teach because I love to play a part in students’ progression onto university study and into exciting and specialist careers. I am excited to see the positive impacts they will have on their chosen career paths.

    Meet your tutor

    Dee Mackenzie-Eley is a highly experienced computing tutor within the IT department.

    Computing is no longer a standalone subject it is integral to the way most of society now functions. On this computing course students will develop problem solving skills within a collaborative environment alongside their peers and learn the value of computing in modern society.

    Meet your tutor

    Marina Shuttleworth has worked in education for a number of years. Having worked in both secondary school and FE colleges, Marina can truly understand the importance of both sectors. Teaching in the Sciences, particularly Chemistry, is her passion. Looking at the interactions and reactions of matter and how this supports medicine, engineering and the environment is extremely valuable in the modern world. Marina also has a thirst for travel and have spent many years working and travelling in various parts of the world.

    Studying Science allows students to better understand their place within the world around them; enthusing students to become the best version of themselves is why I am a teacher.

    Meet your tutor

    Joe Capps graduated from the University of Glasgow with a degree in English Literature, during which he refined a particular interest in American and Modernist texts. Joe has been working at Kendal College since 2013 and recently directed and performed in a production of Shakespeare's Hamlet as part of a local theatre collective. He regularly performs and records with my band and exhibits his artwork in the community.

    I am interested in the cultural impact of Art, and I firmly believe that studying English Literature at A-Level affords students with an opportunity to reflect on the relationship between the self and the world in a meaningful way.

    Meet your tutor

    Grace Capps graduated from The University of York with a Bachelor of Arts in English and Related Literature. During this time, she studied a range of Literary periods and ventured into French Literature before specialising in Postmodernism. Since graduating, Grace is keen to inspire and bring people together through the Arts and Literature. She have hosted a local Poetry Slam and recently directed and performed in a local theatre production of Shakespeare's Hamlet.

    I am passionate about encouraging students of all ages to become engaged and involved in the Arts. Studying English Literature at A-Level provides the opportunity for valuable discussion about texts from an array of areas and to become exposed to the incredible catalogue of writers before us. I think it is incredibly valuable for students to see and experience the theatre while studying Literary Drama, and I am always looking for opportunities to take students outside of the classroom to productions across the UK.

    Meet your tutor

    After graduating with a degree in Linguistics from the University of Manchester, Fernanda Mawdesley became interested in the relationship between language and society, which she developed through my Postgraduate study. Fernanda researched the interaction between social mobility and the use of non-standard accent features, working alongside leading researchers in the field of Sociolinguistics and presenting her findings at international conferences.

    I have a passion for teaching and my background in research allows me to stay up-to-date on the latest advances in both linguistic and sociological theory, allowing for meaningful and interesting classroom discussion.

    Meet your tutor

    After studying Advanced Environmental & Energy Studies at the Centre for Alternative Technology Charlotte Reynolds moved into teaching, supporting and mentoring. Through these roles, she has worked with a wide range of students, which has given her the knowledge and experience to support a variety of learning styles.

    I am interested in helping students achieve their full potential, and inspiring them to get excited about their lives and goals after College. I have travelled extensively and feel that this brings an exciting and dynamic flair to the support I can offer students.

    Meet your tutor

    Candice Van Der Merwe's Bachelor of Arts degree specialised in Psychology and Communications, and after completing this, she undertook her PGCE and QTLS qualifications. In doing this, Candice found her passion lies in the teaching sector, where supporting learners to develop their skills and achieve their goals is a hugely rewarding role. Candice is an experienced Psychology lecturer for the new linear AS/A-Level specification and an examiner for AQA and teaches the Psychology delivery on Access to HE, A-Level and BTEC courses, allowing her to apply my knowledge to a range of learners and levels.

    I am dedicated to using a variety of exciting and hands-on experiences in my lessons to engage learners while embracing technology to create a truly modern learning experience.

    Meet your tutor

    After graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Zoology at Leeds University, Alice Reece completed a Masters of Science in Biological Photography and Imaging at the University of Nottingham. These two qualifications allowed her to start a career in science journalism alongside travelling the world, producing imagery for conservation organisations and scientific publications. After returning to Nottingham to lecture on the MSc course, Alice decided to train as a teacher and have now been teaching A-Level Biology for eight years and BTEC Applied Science for six years.

    I teach because I love to learn and in this career, you never stop learning. I love my subject and aim to bring the curriculum to life by teaching the content and relating the topics to the most up to date research in the field. To study Biology is to learn about life in all its forms; from atoms to ecosystems, and to have fun along the way!

    Meet your tutor

    After graduating with a degree in Politics and Philosophy and completing a Master’s degree in Philosophy, Alex Sibley trained as a teacher. Alex has taught in Adult Education for nearly 20 years, mainly teaching Maths and English in inner-city Leeds and prisons to improve their opportunities in life. Alex brings this passion to helping students progress into a range of different fields and specialisms.

    Since moving to Cumbria 5 years ago, I have been returning to the subjects that I have always had a passionate interest in Politics and Philosophy. I have a desire to get the very best out of each student. It is important that they develop their ideas and think for themselves.

    Meet your tutor

    After studying in a variety of institutions across the UK, Andrew Hawkins' love for Maths extended as far as a PhD. Education has been close to his heart ever since. During Andrew's teaching career, he has worked across multiple areas of the College, supporting learners in Science and Engineering courses as well as in all Maths programmes.

    The experience I have gained from working with so many teams has enabled me to relate Maths to a range of areas of study. The time I spent at university in teaching, research groups and conferences, has kept me up-to-date with relevant research from all over the globe. I am passionate about making the classroom environment inspiring and lively, and am always excited to share and expand my knowledge with students.

    Meet your tutor

    After achieving a Bachelor of Arts in History with a focus on the Cold War studies, Daniel Millican read postgraduate Law at the University of Exeter before completing further postgraduate study through the University of Oxford. He worked as a Solicitor in Criminal Defence and as a Private Consultant Solicitor, working in many different areas of the Law. Daniel was an active member of the Royal Navy Reserves and maintains an interest in rugby, caving and local history, which informs and inspires the work he completes in the classroom.

    I love lecturing, and find both investigating History and giving students an insight into Law to be a superbly rewarding experience.

    Meet your tutor

    After completing a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and Psychology at Lancaster University, Camilla Burke decided to train to become a teacher. She has over 15 years’ experience of teaching Social Sciences at A-Level in both school sixth form settings and colleges of further education. Camilla also teaches a variety of units on the BTEC Health and Social Care course and the Psychology/English components of the new Access to Humanities course here at Kendal College.

    I’m Fascinated by people – particularly interested in how the brain works and explanations of extreme behaviours and mental health. Originally wanted to be a Clinical Psychologist but trained as a teacher instead which tied in better with family commitments. I love how our understanding of HSC and aspects of it, such as Psychology, help us to understand and ultimately support individuals who have difficulties that are either physical or mental. What’s more important than kindness, understanding and support for other people?

    View our courses

    A-Levels (Full-Time)
    Full-time 3 2nd Sep 2019 2 Years

    Campus: Milnthorpe Road Campus (MRC)

    Our A-Level students have progressed on to a variety of Russell Group Universities, full-time employment and higher-level apprenticeships. We also have experience of preparing students for Oxbridge applications. In 2018, 100% of students passed, with 83% achieving A*-C.

    Biology A-Level
    Part-time 3 2nd Sep 2019 2 Years

    Campus: Milnthorpe Road Campus (MRC)

    The course includes a wide range of topics in Biology, and will be taught through theory sessions, practical activities, learning games and online activities.

    Chemistry A-Level
    Part-time 3 2nd Sep 2019 2 Years

    Campus: Milnthorpe Road Campus (MRC)

    The course includes a wide range of topics in Chemistry, and will be taught through theory sessions, practical activities, learning games and online activities.

    Computing A-Level
    Part-time 3 2nd Sep 2019 2 Years

    Campus: Milnthorpe Road Campus (MRC)

    Computer Science is about understanding computer systems and networks at a deep level.Computer Science aspects of theory and experimentation are drawn from Maths and Science respectively, and it is an excellent supplementary A-Level for a range of subjects.

    Economics A-Level
    Part-time 3 2nd Sep 2019 2 Years

    Campus: Milnthorpe Road Campus (MRC)

    A-Level Economics will give you the opportunity to examine a range of topics such as economic performance, market failure, income distribution and understanding the UK and global economy.

    English Language A-Level
    Part-time 3 2nd Sep 2019 2 Years

    Campus: Milnthorpe Road Campus (MRC)

    A-Level English Language explores the study of English Language both as a medium of communication and as a topic in its own right, with an emphasis on the opportunity for students to pursue lines of enquiry, analyse texts produced by others and debate different views.

    English Literature A-Level
    Part-time 3 2nd Sep 2019 2 Years

    Campus: Milnthorpe Road Campus (MRC)

    This is an ideal choice for anyone who loves reading and books. You will study an exciting variety of texts, writers and genres from different historical periods ranging from iconic Shakespearean dramas to novels written in the past ten years.

    Geography A-Level
    Part-time 3 2nd Sep 2019 2 Years

    Campus: Milnthorpe Road Campus (MRC)

    The course includes a wide range of topics focussing on how human and physical processes have shaped our world. These will be taught through a variety of theory sessions, practical activities, fieldwork and multi-media resources.