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As part of the Department for Education’s College Collaboration Fund (CCF), Furness College has successfully collaborated with four Cumbrian colleges. Each contributed a TLA project.

The outbreak of the coronavirus was a major disruption to colleges across the country, with most institutions cancelling face to face delivery and moving to online-only instruction. Staff and student feedback to the college suggested that further training and resources were required. Existing processes needed adaptation or the creation of new processes. The college identified 4 key outcomes to upskill its workforce and support student learning.

1. Create an Essentials Digital Programme to ensure students have the required digital skills for effective study.
> Study Programme Essentials (Word)

2. Create a Digital Dinners campaign to share good practice from staff and ensure that staff have the required digital skills for effective study. This was promoted as part of a two-week Digital CPD programme.
> Digifest Week 1 (Word)
> Digifest Week 2 (Word)

3. Create a Digital Next Steps programme to progress digital competency across the college. All staff were asked to complete the JSIC discovery tool as a starting point. The JISC discovery tool is a developmental tool that students and staff can use to self-assess their digital capabilities, identify their strengths and opportunities to develop their skills further to enhance their practice of learning.
> https://www.digitalcapability....

4. Launch Digital Adults to formally certificated staff in their new digital competency. This programme of staff completion of qualifications is ongoing. Due to COVID-19 the end date for this activity has been extended.

The above activity was informed by the creation of a digital strategy and supported by the creation of a network of digital advocates.
> Digital Strategy (Word)
> Digital FC (Word)

Kerry Culley, Learning Resources Manager, has noted the positive impact that the CCF project has had on the college.

"Staff participation in online learning and training has increased. Student participation in specific digitally delivered programmes has increased. Staff and student satisfaction have improved. Cross college collaboration has improved through the creation of the digital strategy, digital advocates and innovative programmes such as Digi dinners. Cross county collaboration has increased including sharing outputs from the JISC discovery tool and college CPD programmes.

Since the CCF project we have been able to (a) improve the design and delivery of digital resources; (b) develop better implementation plans; (c) improve monitoring and reporting and (d) improve knowledge management and knowledge-sharing through the building of successful collaborative networks engendered by the project."