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Why did you choose this course?
I did Level 2 and then Level 3 first and I’d looked into going to university. I decided to stay here because personally, I think it’s a good environment and I feel like it had more to offer than what I would get going to Leeds College of Music, for instance. Also, I know the tutors, and my friends were here. On my previous music courses, I’d always done performance and felt I wanted to learn more about live sound and working on the technical side, working with what’s behind the music. So I decided that this was a good option so I can balance out the performance and the tech sides and get an experience of both of them.

What made you choose Kendal College?
Furness College, which I’m nearer to, doesn’t offer this course. But at the same time, I like travelling up here and seeing all my friends. Sometimes I feel like if you stay in one area, you’re not really going to get as much out of it as exploring different areas and finding different things.

Is college like you expected? If not, why?
I think it’s more than what I’d expected to be honest. The lads I’m on the course with now I’ve known most of them since Level 2 and those I’ve known since September, we all clicked as soon as we met. College is full of people that are just like you, you feel like people in school judge you, but then you come to college and it’s a giant group of people with the same interests as you and you all just get along in your own way.

What is it you enjoy the most about college life?
Probably the banter to be honest, and the fact that when we write music, we click instantly. We are open to each other’s ideas; we can all just jam and we’ll have a song within 15 minutes, I really like that.

What opportunities have you had as a student at college?
I’ve had the opportunity to gain a lot of confidence and feel I am my own person. The best opportunities I’ve had have been meeting great people and making contacts within the music industry and being able to do what I really want to do.

What is the teaching style like on your course?
I think they’re very level with us, we don’t feel too pressured and we don’t feel like we can’t ask questions. I think we all know what page we’re on. The student-teacher relationship works very well.

Can you describe a typical day at college?
Pretty long days but they are really good. On Mondays we’re in from 12.30pm until 8pm, Thursdays we’re in 12.30pm until 7pm or later especially when we are recording. The schedule can be flexible but we generally do - songwriting, music theory (which we’ve finished now), employability skills, recording skills for ourselves and music in context.

How would you describe your college experience so far?
Excellent, I think I’ve learned a lot and I’ve found myself so I think that learning the things that I’ve always wanted to learn has benefitted me. I had an offer from Sellafield before I came here but I turned it down to study what I wanted and I think it’s the best option I could have done for myself. People say sometimes follow your dreams, some people are the other side of that but ultimately, you’ve just got to do what you want to do and you’ll get the best out of it if you push yourself.

What are you hoping to do after college?
We’ve got another year but after that, I’m hoping to get further with our band, hopefully, do some gigging, take up sound tech as a job on the side, write some music and hopefully branch out a bit more.

What facilities do you use regularly at college?
We use classrooms, the Studio, the Venue and the booths downstairs. We also do the Kendal College gigs and we’re using The Box on the 19th of April and we’re doing a festival in May and do a few gigs in Manchester, so we use their facilities.

If you could give one piece of advice to people considering College, what would it be?
Do what you want to do, you’re always going to get people that say something else is better or you’re going to do well at this. People are always going to have their input but if you want to do something then do it, you’re so young and you’re going to secure yourself more of a job of what you want to do. Only you’ve got yourself to blame if things go wrong and the best thing I can say is to keep open-minded about everything and be yourself.