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Car parking in and around Kendal College.

Dear resident,

Our students fully return this week to the college after the lull of the summer, so you will undoubtedly have noticed an increase in parking. During their induction, I will again remind staff and students of the need to park considerably in the surrounding streets, a message that will be reinforced throughout the year at regular intervals.

As a college, we sympathise with local residents and the increased car parking around the college, and we will continue to do all we can to support our residents. In terms of mitigating the growing demand for car park spaces in and around the college, we have again secured car park passes at the leisure centre for staff to use, and we constantly promote car sharing, walking/cycling and use of public transport to all college users; indeed, we have put on additional buses for this purpose.

You will be pleased to know that our current building work at Milnthorpe Road campus is now essentially complete, which will then free up some of our rear car parks from mid-September, and the portakabins that we have used as temporary measures during COVID should over the coming months start to be returned; we were unable to remove them over the summer, as we still need them to house our classes until the new Westmorland Campus (formerly Westmorland Shopping Centre) is fully engaged. Over the next year, as we move more of our courses and students into the Westmorland Campus, parking will be dispersed more evenly, further reducing the number of cars parked in and around the vicinity of the college.

To further support the case that the college is doing all it can, I met with the SLDC parking enforcement team, local councillors, and Tim Farron’s office just before the summer break to look at the parking situation and together, we walked around some of the local streets. Whilst the streets were busy, it was pleasing to note that not one car was illegally or irresponsibly parked.

Staff and student-owned cars will generally display a Kendal College permit within its windscreen, allowing us to identify the vehicle and match it to the owner. Any attempt to identify an owner through the Kendal College permit to ask the owner to move the car will only be made if the vehicle is illegally parked; any car that does not display a permit will not be routinely checked against our database. If we cannot identify a vehicle due to there being no permit, or it not being on our system, and a car is parked illegally or irresponsibly, then we advise people to contact SLDC traffic enforcement, who will deal with the matter.

Given all the work the college is doing to reduce parking, there are limitations to what can be done, as, unfortunately, there are no parking restrictions on many of the streets surrounding the college. With all this in mind, the usual caveat still applies, if the car is taxed, insured and MOT’d, and is parked correctly, there is nothing anyone can do to move the vehicle.

If you need any further information, please email


Kelvin Nash

Principal and CEO
Kendal College