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How did you find out about this course?

I looked at other access courses, but they didn’t offer the science I wanted. I found this course, and it’s only 45 minutes down the road.

What is it like to study here?

It is a lovely college; it’s friendly with it being quite a small college. I like that.

Last time I was at college, it was quite a few years ago, and I was expecting to be thrown in with 16-17 year-olds. It’s not like that, it’s catered for adults now, and we’ve all gelled.

It’s equivalent to 3 A-Levels in one year, so it is relentless – as soon as you finish one assignment, you start another, and I’ve loved every minute of it. It’s pushed me outside of my boundaries, to things I didn’t think I could achieve. So far, I have distinctions in all my assignments. If you told me this time last year, I would be here, achieving distinctions with an offer from UCLan, I would have laughed at them! I never thought I could ever get this far.

Is the course relevant to what you want to do next?

Absolutely, it covers all biology & chemistry, which ties in with my course and it’s all starting to click into place – I’m going to study BSc (Hons) Forensic Science & Criminal Investigation at UCLan.

How do you juggle family and college life?

I have three children, two at home and the youngest is 15, but I’m still mum and do all the shopping and cleaning.

You’ve got to find that delicate balance. There is a lot of work & it is hard, but don’t be put off. Set aside days you’re not in college to do your assignments. I do my college work during the week and have the weekends for my family and household things (unless an assignment is due!).

Why Forensic Science?

It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, right from school. My Careers Advisor at school wasn’t helpful; they told me I’d watched too much Doctor Who! I left school in 1993, so forensic science was new & not familiar. My other passion was cars, so I went on to do motor vehicle until kids came along.

This time last year, I was working at Furness Academy in the kitchens, and I thought if I don’t do it now, I never will. My kids were getting to be independent, and not needing me as much, and I thought I’d regret it if I don’t. I want to spend the next 30 years doing something I want to do, rather than I have to do.

I’m most looking forward to starting the course, meeting different people, and being placed with Lancashire police. It fascinates me that from a tiny strand of hair or piece of skin, you can trace that back to a murder. A spot of blood can tell you what happened & why it happened, it fascinates me.