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COVID-19: Latest Update

The college is open, and we are still accepting full-time applications for 2020-2021. Hygiene measures are in place to make the college as safe as it can be for our learners, staff and guests.

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We are still here for you. College staff are working remotely and are continuing to teach and support our students.

We have been keeping a close eye on how your qualifications will be awarded and other FAQs concerning your learning and progression from college. We don't have all the answers yet, but here is what we know now. There are many different types of courses at the college and possible questions you will have about what will happen next. Please stay in touch with you tutors to keep up to date with what is happening on your course.

The FAQs below set out our current plans, which we will continue to review as the situation develops and we will keep this information updated.

When will my results be available?

Please see below for details of when results will be available.

If you visit the College to receive your results, social distancing measures will be in place, so please follow the guidance at the time and the instructions given on signs and by staff within the college. At the time of writing, face coverings are not required, though you are welcome to wear one if you wish. If you feel you are medically vulnerable and would benefit from an individual risk assessment for your visit, please contact

If you would like a family member or guardian to collect your results on your behalf, they must bring a signed letter from you and some ID. The letter from you should confirm who they are and that you are happy for them to collect your results.

For government advice about results, please see this guide.

A-Level results

Your results can be collected from the College on the 13th August from 9am - 3pm from the library desk. If you cannot pick them up in person, or chose not to, they will be posted to you 1st class on that day. We are not allowed to let you know your results by any other means.

GCSE results

Your results can be collected from the College on the 20th August from 9am - 3pm from the library desk. If you cannot pick them up in person, or chose not to, they will be posted to you 1st class on that day. We are not allowed to let you know your results by any other means.

BTEC level 3 results

Your results are being released to the College from 31st July onwards. As soon as possible after we receive your confirmed grade, we will write to you via 1st class mail. If you have not received a letter before the 13th August and you need your results to confirm places on degree-level courses, please contact the college to check that your results are now available, in which case you can collect them in person on the 13th August.

University Arts London (UAL) results

Results for level 3 and 4 programme will be available on the 13th August. We will contact you when we receive your results via the contact details we have for you. If you are registered with UCAS, you will be able to see your results via the results tracker at the same time as they are released to the College, and possibly before. Results for level 1 and 2 programmes will be released from the 20th August and will follow the same process.

You are welcome to come into college to receive your results if you wish from the Milnthorpe Road Campus on the 13th or 20th as applicable, from 9am - 3pm from the library desk.

City and Guilds

Your certificate of results will be received by the College in September and we will send these via 1st class mail as soon as we can. We cannot confirm your grade until we receive this from City and Guilds.

Functional Skills
(not for apprentices)

Please contact your tutor via e-mail who can make you aware of your results when they are received. Please copy in the Head of Department, Sarah Anderson, into your email.

How have tutors predicted my grade?

They have used your previous work and judged how well you were doing on your work that hadn't yet been formally graded to form a judgement on what you would have achieved had the college been open as usual. We have worked with awarding bodies to enable them to moderate these grades. This is a process that ensures that a grade awarded for your course at one college or sixth form is the same as the grade that we would give.

My qualification has been delayed and the results are not yet available. What should I do?

Contact your tutor about their plans for completing your qualification. In a small minority of programmes, we have not yet been able to complete the required assessments, but each team is planning how you can complete them as soon as possible.

What can I do if feel my results have been wrongly or unfairly judged and wish to appeal?

You have the right of appeal against the predicted and moderated grades that you have (or will be) awarded.

Please read this guide.

If you feel you have grounds to appeal, please contact us via

Here is an additional guide for GCSE and A-Level students.

I am planning to do a different course at college next year. What do I need to do?

If you would like to progress to a new course in the same area, e.g. Level 2 Business to Level 3 Business, your tutor will organise a progression interview with you (if this has not already taken place). This will be online or over the phone. They will explain what is expected of you to progress, and we have adapted our usual entry requirements to reflect the current situation. If you would like to apply for a course in another area, e.g. Level 2 Business to Level 3 Animal Care, please apply online.

I was planning to find work or go to university, but now I'm not sure. What other options do I have?

Talk to your tutors about your options, but there are other options at the college. If you will be aged 18 or under on 31 August this year, you are entitled to another year (possibly two years) of free education, so you could give a 'gap year’ real purpose. There is also financial support for adult students. You could do different courses part-time or full-time courses at the college, including professional training. There are loads to choose from that could give you a head start in work, business or at university. We also have a range of degree-level courses, between 1 and 3 years, that may suit you. There may also be an apprenticeship that would let you earn and learn that we could help you find. To find out more, click here. We are running a Virtual Open Event on Wednesday 20 May, where you can speak to tutors to find out more about our courses and apprenticeships: see

Inspira are also offering free careers advice (via telephone) and this can be arranged via their booking form.

More information about opportunities can be found on the Hello Future website and and

What about my university place?

For those with university places dependent on grades this year, we are hearing from many universities that they will offer places based on predicted grades. It is important that you monitor correspondence from the universities and UCAS. If you are awaiting confirmed grades from us and your grades fall below that required by the university, you should get in touch with their admissions teams and consider alternatives. If you need any assistance with this process, please contact your tutor or our HE Coordinator Karen Shaw on

I have friends hoping to start college next year, what will happen to them?

We will use schools, and other providers predicted grades to get them the right place at college, depending on the subject they want to study and prior grades. Again we are waiting for the details of how this will happen.

We are taking applications for new students via our website (link) and doing interviews online or by phone.

I'm a part-time student, what next?

Details of how your course has been or will be disrupted by COVID-19 will be very different for each programme. Please stay in touch with your course tutor about continuing your studies. Our new courses for progressing or trying something new are ready to go, with a few COVID-19 related tweaks, so please apply in the usual way.

How do I best manage self-isolation?

Please see our guide to staying well and productive during a period of self-isolation on our wellbeing page.

There are already useful guides in there on various topics that you may find helpful. If you have particular concerns, you can contact our wellbeing team by email at

Our social media accounts will also continue to be monitored as usual if anyone just fancies a chat over the next few weeks & months.

How do I contact the college?

The College is open. Many of our staff have been and are working from home, though many are now taking some holidays. Most teaching staff will now be on holiday and are all expected to return from August the 24th.

Learning Services & Wellbeing

Our Learning Services and Wellbeing teams are still here for you. You can get in contact with them at any time:

Learning Services

M: 07515 062 617

What if COVID-19 restrictions change locally or nationally?

We will update the COVID-19 page on the college website. If it's about your course/grades, then we will communicate with your group specifically.

You can also stay updated by following our social media platforms.