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COVID-19: Latest Update

The college is open, and we are still accepting full-time applications for 2020-2021. Hygiene measures are in place to make the college as safe as it can be for our learners, staff and guests.

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A message from Kelvin Nash.

I am sure you will all have many questions about life at Kendal College for the new academic year in September. We are really looking forward to getting students back in larger numbers and I look forward to seeing what each of you can achieve while you are with us.

All college staff have been busy in following and implementing the government and Public Health England guidelines, and together we have made the college and the environment as safe as it can be for our students, staff and guests.

As a college we want to be as 'normal', and as good, as it can be whilst keeping you, your classmates, your families and our staff as safe as possible. There will be some changes to the way the college functions many of which are described below. No doubt there will be changes as the year goes on, hopefully allowing us to relax some of the CV-19 related measures when it is safe to do so.

Please read the FAQs below for more details and get in touch if you need anything else clearing up.

Any comments or questions, please be in touch via


Kelvin Nash

To protect our learners, staff and guests all visitors to the college will be required to wear face coverings and maintain social distancing.

The FAQs below set out our current plans, which we will continue to review as the situation develops and we will keep this information updated.

If you have a query that is not answered below, please email, and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

If you have any concerns about yours or anyone else's health concerning Coronavirus, please follow government advice. Further information regarding Coronavirus can be found on the NHS England website.

Stay safe & best wishes,


Will college be open in September?

Yes (barring another full lockdown or other major emergencies!). We plan to be to offer as close to 'normal' learning and college life as we can. We are following the health guidance carefully, and while there will be some adaptations to college life, we intend to provide you with the same kind of experience as our previous students have enjoyed. We will teach you in class and in-person as much as is possible within the health guidance.

I’m familiar with the college but what is going to be different when I come back?

We’re looking forward to seeing return!

Here are the main things you’ll find different when you return. If you want more detail please look at the other FAQs on this page.

  • You’ll find hand sanitiser available widely and should use it.
  • You can use many rooms outside your class time and should go straight there when you arrive. You can eat and drink in them too.
  • You’ll get a different lanyard with a different colour. This shows the bubble that you are in. You need to maintain social distancing with anyone outside your bubble.
  • Your tutors (and technicians) will need to keep their distance from you and cleaning procedures will be in place to pass things between you and them. We’re being as inventive as possible to keep your learning experience as good as it was before.
  • You’ll need to bring a face covering for use in the college public spaces.
  • The café will have a more limited menu and you will have an allocated time during lunch when you can access the café (in your bubble). You can, and should, take food bought in the café to your classroom (or allocated eating area).
  • The corridors are marked with tape and there are additional safety signs around college.
  • It is likely to be a bit colder in classrooms than previously as we will want to keep rooms well ventilated to help keep you safe.

What should I bring to college?

Due to additional difficulty in giving or lending you resources it’s really important that you prepare properly.

You’ll need:

  • Your lanyard
  • Basic resources for learning in your subjects (including English and maths if you are studying these)
  • A face covering

You’ll want:

  • Enough clothing to be warm when windows are open
  • Any personal PPE you have for your study (where relevant)
  • Additional resources such as text books to support your learning in and out of class
  • A contactless payment method to buy food and drink if you want to and/or a packed lunch

Nice to have’s:

  • Your own device to use on the college wi-fi network
  • Your own hand sanitiser

What's all this about 'bubbles'?

Staying in bubbles is a way of reducing the number of that you interact with whilst you are at college. Your main 'bubble' will be the students that you are studying with on your course, which is typically around 10-24 other people. These group bubbles will be within a 'department' bubble, which will be identified by lanyards of the same colour. These vary in size but are smaller than the maximum recommended in the school and college COVID-19 guidance. As they teach many groups, staff will be outside your 'bubble' so social distancing between staff and students (and staff/staff) will be applied as for other workplaces. All this is based on the current guidance, and things will probably change during your time at college.

What’s the difference within a bubble and outside it?

Between members of your bubble the social distancing and infection control measures are relaxed. You can pass material between you and, whilst you should maintain your distance where possible and avoid touch.

Will I, or can I, go out of my bubble?

Most of your class time will be in your class bubble. KC Sixth students will be in a department bubble across all the subjects. Students studying English and Maths will mix across bubbles.

Are my tutors in my bubble?

No. Your tutors are outside your bubble and will you and they need to maintain social distancing. There will be some additional measures so you can pass resources between you and them. We will explain these on your induction to College.

What physical precautions will be in place?

We have lots of hand sanitisers stations, 2 metre markings and reduced rooming capacities are in place. Rooms will be allocated to particular bubbles as much as possible and specific guidance for specialist equipment and activity will be included in your induction to college. We will adapt to health guidance as it is updated. The corridors and public spaces around the college are marked with tape and notices will give instructions.

Do I need to wear a face-covering?

Yes, but only in the college’s public areas like corridors and not in your classrooms or technical facilities.

What happens if I need to self-isolate?

We will support you to learn whilst you are self-isolating. If you are isolating because your whole group, bubble or campus is away from college we will move your learning online via MS Teams lessons. If it is because of reasons outside college we will provide support for your study before you can re-join your classes.

What if someone in my class test positive for COVID-19?

We will ask your class study online until we know it’s safe for you to return and we can deep clean the facilities your group has used. If we have a wider outbreak of COVID-19 within College we may ask the departmental bubbles or whole campuses to study online.

Will some learning be delivered online?

We have been supplementing our classroom learning with online resources for many years. During lockdown, this increased a lot, and we learnt many lessons in how to do it well. Our online provision will continue and be enhanced by what we learnt in lockdown, but we know it doesn't replace the classroom experience in person with tutors. If we do need to use more online activities and lessons, due to another lockdown or partial lockdown, our first reaction will be to replicate the timetabled sessions via the Microsoft Teams platform and existing VLEs for each course. You will be inducted in using the relevant platforms as soon as we can, so that we are ready to adapt if needed. All students will get an Office 365 account which includes Microsoft Teams.

What happens if there is another lockdown or partial lockdown?

We will follow the guidance in place at the time. Our preference is to teach you in college, but if we have to cut class sizes down to maintain distancing or lockdown completely, we will move online for some provision, but we intend to invite you in where it is safe to do so.

Will transport be in place?

Information about college transport is available on our website. We don’t know, and can’t control, what the rules will be for public transport, but our website will be updated throughout the summer with developments.

For details of the college transport provision, please see our Transport page.

Will the cafe be open?

At present we do not think the Cafe will be open as normal, but there will be a limited service. Students eligible for free meals will be able to access them. We have not yet finalised our plans for our cafes yet, as our timetabling plans are still in development.

I, or someone in my household, feel medically vulnerable. What shall I do?

You should contact us to carry out a risk assessment which may make recommendations to adapt what we do to keep you included and safe whilst you study. There will be a balance of risks and benefits and some unknowns in this process, and we will discuss these with you (and your family where relevant). We won't just tell you how you can and can't study with us.

Please contact Matt Burke via, and he will arrange your risk assessment.

We've divided the rest of our FAQs into 5 different areas, depending on your relationship with the college: