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Student Voice

Students are encouraged to make the most of college life, by getting involved in student representation, events and activities. As well as their course, there are many opportunities for students to meet others, develop their skills and enjoy their time at College.

Student voices

Student Voice

Class Reps

Students elect class representatives (reps) in the Autumn Term. Class Reps are responsible for finding out what students in their class think about their course, college services and their experience as a whole. They represent these views at Student Council meetings and at Principal’s Question Time.

Department Reps are elected from all the Class Reps in a particular department. These Department Reps attend department meetings to discuss course development with staff.

Class and Department Reps also let their class know of upcoming events and opportunities. Some Class Reps may volunteer to represent students nationally, at National Union of Students (NUS) Conferences. Reps are fully supported and trained, and are invited to the annual Kendal College Volunteer Awards.

Student Governors

The College recruits two Student Governors to sit on The Corporation.  The Corporation sets the strategic direction for the College. Student Governors thus play an important role in shaping the future development of the College at the highest level. This opportunity offers valuable experience and an insight, as well as input, into how the college works.

Student Events & Activities

Class reps and student governors attend Student Council, where they decide on the events and activities they would like to organise. All profits from the sale of College Hoodies and the NUS Extra Card go to Student Council. As such, they have about £1,000 per year to organise their own student-run activities.

Student Ambassadors

The College recruits a team of 20 Student Ambassadors to help promote the College at open days and school events. This is a great opportunity for students to meet others and develop their skills.

Kendal College Volunteer Scheme

If student volunteer for the College (e.g. as a class rep, governor or student ambassador) and/or for the community, they can sign up to the Kendal College Volunteer Scheme. This recognises and accredits students for their volunteering, and an annual celebration event takes place in June.

For more information contact Student Services.

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