Employ a trainee


Traineeships are a new initiative to provide work experience that can last from six weeks to six months. Traineeships have been developed to help you shape the skills of young people from your local community, whilst offering them an opportunity to gain valuable work experience, skills and training to help them gain Apprenticeship or employment opportunities.

What is a Traineeship?

Traineeships have been developed following recent research that suggests young people frequently lack the skills and experience that employers expect in the workplace. A Traineeship is an education and training programme offered alongside a work placement. As an employer you will offer a high quality work experience placement between six weeks and six months.  Working with Kendal College, a training programme will be designed to suit both the needs of your business and the trainee and will include Maths and English, employability skills and vocational skills where applicable.

At the end of a Traineeship, employers should ideally be able to offer an interview for an Apprenticeship or job opportunity within the business. Employers are not required to pay young people taking part in a Traineeship but are encouraged to support trainees with expenses such as travel and meals.  All training costs are met by Government funding.

What are the benefits of Traineeships?

Traineeships can benefit your business by:

  • Get ahead of the competition - by shaping the skills and experience of young people from your community
  • Developing a loyal and talented workforce
  • Designing a training programme to meet the needs of your business and the trainee
  • Giving established staff members the opportunity to develop their skills in coaching and mentoring
  • You could be eligible for a grant of up to £1500 if you offer an Apprenticeship to a trainee

How to get started with Traineeships

Kendal College can help you recruit a suitable candidate aged between 16 and 24. If you are ready to start looking for the right candidate or if you would like more information on Traineeships, please contact us on 01539 814700 or email us.