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Teacher Education

Teaching is a very rewarding career, with very high levels of job satisfaction, excellent benefits and good levels of pay

Supporting learners develop their skills and achieve their goals is a hugely rewarding role. Using your own experience you and the techniques gained during the course you can inspire the next generation to succeed. These courses will help you train for the 'post compulsory sector' that includes everything in training, teaching or assessing for people over 16 (though increasingly colleges work with 14-16 year olds as well).  

The 'teaching' qualifications lead to teaching groups at further education colleges, sixth-form colleges, and community colleges, adult education centres, within the prison service and at work-based learning locations. You will usually bring a subject specialism based on your own experience prior to starting on the course and use the techniques you learn to create an exciting experience for your learners. This would include how to plan and deliver inspiring lessons, some insight into how people learn and group dynamics.

The assessing qualifications use your prior experience to judge whether somebody is vocationally competent, and coach them to become better at their chosen vocation. This enables you to assess work based programmes, many of which are apprenticeships. You could work at a college or for a private training provider.

Why study at Kendal College?

Whether you want to be an assessor, delivering training and assessing work-based learners, or develop a career as a further education lecturer or work in adult education, Kendal College can give you the qualifications to pursue your career. Many of the staff who contribute to our outstanding results and reputation have been trained through these types of programmes here at College.

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Key facts

  • There are 305,243 people working in further education
  • It is estimated that the size of the lifelong learning workforce as a whole will increase from 2008 to 2015." National careers service
  • Further education lecturer/teacher/trainer in leadership and management can earn between £33,000 ‐ £81,000
  • Further education lecturer/teacher/trainers can earn between £22,000 ‐ £33,000
  • Assessor/internal verifier can earn between £16,000 ‐ £25,000, there are some exceptions where staff can earn up to £40,000

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