Mathematics Functional Skills, Level 2

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10:30 - 14:00

All students are able to undertake Functional Skills at a level appropriate to them. Levels available are Entry 1, 2, 3, Level 1, Level 2.

You will work on your own and in small groups within a relaxed and supportive atmosphere. A wide range of materials will be used and related as much as possible to your life experience.

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What will I learn?

Adult English:                                                                                             
You will revise and develop your reading and writing skills, including spelling, grammar and punctuation and apply them to a variety of everyday situations, including:

- Filling in forms

- Writing enquiry and complaint letters and emails

- Writing articles

- CV writing

- Reading for understanding

- Speaking and listening skills, including presentations

Adult Maths:

You will develop maths skills including:

- Using a calculator efficiently

- Ways to multiply

- Fractions

- Percentages

- Charts and graphs

- Metric measures

- Statistics

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How will I be assessed?

On-line assessment, paper based or on-line tests at an appropriate level.

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Career Opportunities

The workshops will develop your employability and transferable skills, which will be useful for all career paths.

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Entry requirements

An initial assessment will be completed in the first few weeks of the course to establish the level you are working at.

All students interested in this course should contact the course tutors prior to enrolment.

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Maths Functional Skills:

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