IT Application Specialist (IT Users), Level 3 Apprenticeship

There are two sides to ICT - knowing how it works, and knowing how to use it.  In the first category are the people who program computer software, design applications, install networks in offices and fix things when they go wrong. The latter category includes people that are skilled IT users, they use the software to create documents to do their job, and they could work in almost any field, from administration to designers and managers.

This apprenticeship covers a wide range of job roles.  You may already be an excellent user of IT within your role or wish to develop further your range and level of IT user skills. Designed to improve your productivity within your role, and make you an invaluable member of the team.  This apprenticeship framework supports an individualised program tailored to your specific role.

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What will I learn?

During your apprenticeship you will work towards the Diploma for IT Users.  Based on previous qualifications, apprentices also work towards the key skill of Communication and Application of Number at the appropriate level. 

To achieve the diploma you need to complete 39 credits, including 3 mandatory units:

- Improving Productivity (4 Credits)
- Understanding the potential of IT (8 credits)
- Developing personal team effectiveness using IT (4 Credits)

You will be able to choose from a range of optional units to gain the remaining 34 credits of the framework. We are able to offer a range of optional units at level 2 or 3.

- IT User Fundamentals (3)
- Spreadsheet software (6)
- Word processing software (6)
- Presentation software (6)
- Database software (6)
- Using the Internet (4)
- Using Email (3)
- IT Security for users (2)
- Imaging software (5)
- Website software (5)
- Desktop publishing software (5)

Assessment only optional units at level 3 are:

- Using collaborative technologies (6)
- Using mobile devices (2)
- Audio Software (4)
- Video Software (4)
- Bespoke Software (4)
- Specialist Software (4)
- Computer accounting Software (5)
- Drawing & Planning Software (4)
- Project Manager Software (5)

Your assessor will visit you once every two to three weeks for one to one support and assessment, or you may attend college for one day a week.  Alternatively you could have a combination of both scenarios.

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How will I be assessed?

You will be assessed and trained in the work place; any off the job training will also be covered in workplace /College.  You will build a portfolio of evidence that you will collect from the everyday tasks relating to your job.  Your Tutor and Assessor will continually assess your work; this will ensure that you meet the necessary standards to achieve your framework.Some modules can be assessed in the workplace, where your current job role allows.  Some modules require you to take City & Guilds assignments; these can be done at college or in the work place.

Functional skills can be either assessed in the workplace, or if you are attending college, you may also do your functional skills on the same day.

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Career Opportunities

The skills and knowledge you will acquire are highly transferable and will give you the best opportunity to develop a career in numerous IT related sectors.

IT Skills are in demand by commercial and industrial organisations, central and local government, the NHS and the voluntary sector alike.  Recognition of your qualifications by employers can lead to rapid career development in the work place.
You need to be employed in a role where you use IT regularly
Motivated to succeed in your sector
Willing to learn and apply that learning to the workplace
Able to demonstrate the potential to complete the qualification
Willing to communicate effectively with a range of people literate and numerate

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Entry requirements

There are no barriers to gain entry into the sector for any group of people.  Applicants are not discriminated against in terms of entry to, and progression within the sector.

For Level 3, you should ideally have four GCSEs at grade A* - D, including English and have already completed the level 2 diploma or equivalent. 

You must be employed for a minimum of 30 hours a week in the professional area that your Apprenticeship is in. Looking for Employment? See below for what to do next…

- Apply for this apprenticeship.  We can then support you to find employment and prepare your job application.

- Register your details with the National Apprenticeship Matching Service (NAS) and search online for vacancies at

- Check the College’s website page regularly (sometimes employers only want to recruit locally and so they advertise on our website and not the NAS website):

- Make sure your CV is up to date and is relevant to the job industry you are applying to.

Employers may have their own entry requirements.

The majority of IT User roles require:-
Individuals to be proactive, fast learners
Individuals who are able to work independently or as part of a team
The ability to focus on assisting customers and colleagues find solutions to problems
Good attention to detail and the ability to deliver what is required, when it is required
Individuals to be open to change and focus on the requirements of the business at all times

Roles in administration and data management would suit individuals who:
Are meticulous and methodical, and can work under pressure to meet deadlines
Are well organised and efficient
Have a good problem solving ability
Can manage multiple or complex tasks

Roles in web publishing or creative industries would suit those who:
Have an interest in design or creativity with flair for creating audio, video and other multimedia products.
Have good communication and team working skills

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