History of Modern Art

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Modern art still perplexes. Many people find it unattractive, difficult to understand, perhaps even futile. However, no-one can deny its radical origins and continuing legacy.

In this class, motives and influences of key artists are revealed and context is explored. The main movements, major artists and significant works of art are scrutinised.

Briefly showing how Impressionism broke through against the prevailing academy paintings in the 1860s and also briefly the open-ended diaspora that today’s contemporary art is, the main thrust of the course will be set in the twentieth century.

The aim is for these classes to be informal, engaging and enjoyable.

Through a variety of learning media, slides, illustrations, exercises and discussions, students will not only increase their knowledge and (hopefully) appreciation of the subject, but also develop a broader and sharper critical language.

This course will run in the Autumn Term. Dates and times for this course are TBC. They will be confirmed on 17th August.

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