Our Facilities

As well as the state of the art facilities in its vocational areas, Kendal College has excellent central facilities to help you to make the best of your time at the college and study more effectively.


The Learning Centre

The Learning Centre is the ‘information hub’ of the College, containing both traditional and modern resources to enhance your learning.

It is a place where you can study, read in your own time and have access to the latest journals and magazines.

Available resources:

  •  PC user zones - Internet access, laptops, wireless access, iPads and other tablets.
  • The College has WiFi access so you can connect your own laptop, tablet or iPad to our network
  • Reference and loan books, which are updated annually
  • Periodicals including daily newspapers, business magazines and academic journals
  • E-books and other online journals and resources 


There is a large bank of computers allowing you to research your work through a variety of means, including multimedia and the Internet.

There is also a virtual learning environment (VLE) packed with learning resources for College courses and used for course communication between student and tutor and the College is at the forefront of using new ways of interactive tools such as tumblr and augmented reality as teaching resources.

 University Centre 

For students studying on degree-level programmes there is access to the University Centre. This is equipped with PCs where you can access university VLEs (Virtual Learning Environments), WiFi network access, quiet study booths, relaxed reading areas and the HE library.

 The Restaurant & Cafés

The College has a café which provides food throughout the day, with hot breakfasts, lunches and evening meals also available.  The Café also features comfy sofas, a large balcony and vending services, including bean to cup coffee machines and snacks.

The College restaurant provides lunchtime and evening dining throughout the year, with seasonal menus and fine dining experiences.

The College aims to develop your understanding of healthy eating with its delicious and healthy menus. Food in the Restaurant and Café is cooked by hospitality and catering students. Where possible ingredients are sourced locally, including organic produce and milk. Our cookery demonstration room also doubles as an additional restaurant, allowing food to be prepared in front of restaurant guests for an outstanding private dining experience.

At the Allen Building on the Arts and Media Campus, a small café serves tasty breakfasts, snacks and full meals, whilst the Castle Dairy on Wildman Street provides a fine dining experience to the general public as well as visitors to The Box.